Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

My friend is encouraging me to blog because I love to write. She said if I loved writing I should just do it. I think this post is more of a way to get back into writing daily in the blog than on any particular subject.

I was writing on Wordpress but it's the worst non-user-friendly blogging platform ever. Ever. I mean, ever. I am going to give Blogger another shot. I need to change my theme because it looks like blood splatter.

I wish I had something really topical thing to discuss but I don't. However, here are things I learned today:

"Ass, gas, or cash" as repayment for taking someone to dinner.

The 3 F's (if you want someone you need to be able to do these things): Feed me, finance me, F*** me.

When you have no underwear your friend might say to you, "hang out with your wang out".

These are all sentences from conversations I was part of today.

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